About Us

Welcome to ICJumps.com. Brought to you by a couple of Motocross and Mountain Bike nuts. When you have raced Motocross, Supercross, and BMX, and Downhill Mountain Bikes, you tend to see the world through a different set of Goggles. When I look at any mountainside, neighborhood, desert, Parking Lots full of cars, waves in the ocean, ALL I SEE ARE JUMPS.

Father & Son story


I grew up racing Motocross, and some Supercross in the late 80’s. I grew up in the Cajon Zone of East San Diego during its reign as the Mecca of Motocross. I was fortunate to ride with a lot of the greats of the time, Such as Rick Johnson, Ron Lechein, Broc Glover, Scott  Burnworth, and of course the Martys…Smith, Moates, and Tripes. I See Jumps everywhere. 


I  grew up racing BMX bikes until age 16. I  raced two BMX World Championships in Europe, and many Nationals across the USA. I switched to Downhill Mountain Bike Racing at age 16. Fortunate to win a lot of big races, such as Sea Otter Classic, and two USA Cycling National Championships as I advanced through to the rank of Professional. I see jumps everywhere.